The Solo - First Aid Kit


The Solo - First Aid Kit

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Let's face it, going out into the world or the wild by yourself is awesome! There is something about being on your own that makes you feel... free. Just in case you find yourself in trouble, use the buddy system - the Solo is that buddy you've been looking for. When you go solo... carry The Solo.

Slip it in your backpack, your rucksack, or whatever you call it that you're carrying with you. The paracord has been attached on the outside to also give you the flexibility to attach it anywhere, anyway you want it.

• Double Latch Secure Closure System
• Lifetime Guarantee
• Crystal clear ABS
• Floats!
• Crushproof
• Dustproof
• Waterproof

Dimensions: 4.75 in. x 3.5 in. x 1.75 in. | 29 cu. in.
Weight | Case: 124 grams | 0.27 lbs.
Weight | Basic Supplies: 93 grams | 0.20 lbs.
Weight | Basic Kit: 217 grams | 0.48 lbs.
Weight | Premium Supplies: 189 grams | 0.41 lbs.
Weight | Premium Kit: 313 grams | 0.69 lbs.